Kartoenfabriek (Dutch for Cartoon Factory) was started in 1983

1166 designs were published, among them some 250 retro-designs. The retro-series was started in 2005

JosJos Lambregs is the founding father and creative brain of the company.


Most ideas in the collection are his.

Before turning to postcard design, he was active as a cartoonist.


'Keep it simple' was the guiding principle

Kartoenfabriek offered a different approach to postcard design: no rosy, decorative images but truly witty and strong ideas. Producing surprise was the ultimate goal

Quite a number of designs sold over 250000 copies. The very best was the puzzle card 'wish you were here' which sold nearly half a million copies

Kartoenfabriek cards were distributed in some 20 countries, from Finland to Taiwan and from Canada to Australia

Cards were published in several languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Japanese